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I'm changing from a HDD to a SSD. I do not have a SATA to USB cable nor do I feel like buying one.
I have an external drive if necessary but not a Windows 7 Installation disk as I bought the PC pre-made.
I don't want to copy or clone the disk I just want a fresh win7.
Would I just remove the HDD, put in the SSD and the installer would come by itself when I boot it?
I'm new to all this, any help would be appreciated.
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  1. well you kinda answered it in your question. you said you have no windows 7 installation disc... so how would the installer come by itself? do u haz wand :P
  2. As you say you haven't install disc, how could you install it? In your situation if you do not want to clone or copy your hard disk, you could try migrate your existing OS from old HDD to your SSD. I find a video tutoral on YouTUBE, hope it could help you
    best regards,
  3. your system came with utility to create your re-installation disks.
    make them, swap in the ssd, and then reinstall.
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