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Hi guys, I have a MSI GTX 460 1GB and I've successfully overclocked to 840MHz on the core clock. However very recently I have figured out how to unlock the core voltage via MSI Afterburner. I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on this. Is it safe to play with? Is it just like overclocking the core clock? Bringing it up in small increments and testing for stability?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I prefer a safe way, so i won't touch that voltage control thing, a little mistake you can burnt your card...
    Still not satisfy with your card? You already has a good card there. :)
  3. Well i think a GTX 460 running @ 840MHz is quite fast, changing the voltage will allow you to get a higher clock speeds but it will make your card run hotter and will reduce its life span too.
  4. @ Wolfattack: not to be funny or anything but wolfattack... you said that you just got the card... is that not true? my personal thought would allow the card to first settle in... like buying a new car... you gonna ride it in, and let all the parts feel familiar with themselves before pushing it to 140 miles per hour? not true?

    yet you just got the card and already pushing the card clock speeds to higher than what i've seen on many forums and blogs, and i think its even higher than Guru 3D pushed it!!

    but anyway, overclocking is always at own risk, i'm just a bit concerned for your cards safety!

    never the less, yes, the card running at 840mhz is unbelievable and tweaking the voltage setting in rivatuner or Afterburner will give you even more clock, shader and memory speeds, but the question is why? are you a heavy bench marker? pushing for great scores? I know its always great to see how far your card will go, but if you push your card any more further, it might just be too much and the card will pop!

    if you want to bench mark, get 3 x GTX 480, i7 980 X Extreme running at 4.3Ghz, then you can benchmark great Vantage points, alomst exceeding the 40k mark... (Guru 3D)

    but just some concern with your motives, be careful buddy, it is dangerous, especially when the equipment that we use is so expensive nowadays!

    just my thought and concern (not being impolite at all)

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