Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 vs. ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 PCIe question


I was wondering which between the two you guys might choose, and why.
And also, can someone clarify the PCIe ports on the ASRock for me. Can you run 2 simultaneously at x16 like with the Gigabyte?

I will be using an discrete GPU btw so whether the board has a video port or not isn't really a factor other than the fact I don't like to pay for features I can't access.
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  1. If it were me I would go for the Gigabyte. They are a well know trusted brand. I have had trouble with Asrock in the past and wont work with them again. Just my opinion.
  2. My only real gripe with the Extreme7 is only 1 PCI slot. I went with the Asrock Fatality Pro Z68 board. Best board I've ever used.

    Gigabyte looks like a good board. Price seems a little steep at $350. I had an AMD Gigabyte board. Died in less than a year. Have had great results with Asus. This Fatal1ty Board is my first Asrock, and it's the best yet if it holds up.

    Here's the specs on the Extreme 7. Look like you can do dual x16:
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