Win8 Raid5 - 3x3TB - Asus Maximus V gene onboard Raid

Hello all, like the topic says I have just set up my version of a NAS on my Asus Maximus V Gene onboard Raid controller running Win8.

-I started in BIOS chafing the SATA controller to Raid.
-Installed OS on 120Gb SSD
-Hooked up 3x3Tb WD Red's
-Ctrl+I to set up an Intel Raid5 array
-Opened Intel RST driver program and "Initialized" the Raid5 array (Took 32hrs...)
-Opened up Disk Management and.. This is where I'm stuck

The Raid5 array show up as one drive (~5.79Tb) so it was set up properly, it's just that the Array shows up as "Unallocated".

Also it is not visible in My Computer.

I was under the assumption that after the "Initailizing" the Raid5 setup would be complete. What other steps must I make?

Is it as simple as making a "New Volume" on the Unallocated array? If so should it be Simple or Dynamic?

Ps, I selected GPT instead of MBR so I can have this larger then 2Tb in size without having to partition.
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  1. After initialization, you have to setup volumes on the drive array - use dynamic which is for RAID arrays.
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    Go to DM, partition it as BASIC, because dynamic sometime wont show up and you have to activate... too complicate and unnecessary headache.

    Remember to partition as GPT, otherwise you won't see the whole volume
  3. initialize it!
    thanks for the grin of the day!
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