Gigabyte GTS 250 1 GB Damaged capacitor

hi all i bought a GIGABYTE GeForce GTS 250 1GB vga card 1 year ago it worked so good and preformed well i have played so many games in it with all set to high settings and never had a freeze or low frame rate or any other performance problem i these are few of my games with i played recently with no problem battle field bad company 2,metro,mass effect 2 ,command and conquer 4,saboteur etc etc

but few days back my computer suddenly stooped working with no display so i cheek the pc and fund that my card fan is not running so i unplugged the card and se what happen than i saw one of the smd capacitor is blown up

now i have some questions and want to know and understand what went wrong i am a noob in electronic stuffs

1 - what do this small capacitors do(smd capacitor) i mean what is ther job
2 - what can cause a capacitor like this to blow
3 - will the damage stops from that blown up part or it might also damaged other parts

is there a way to fix this type of damages( in some of the fixing guide its saws the damage is caused by human fault so u know exactly if we change that thing it will work but in my case its deference hope u understand my problem)

i have atched the images for your verification

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  1. Okay, here goes.

    1) Im not sure

    2) I'm not sure about current generation, but I know that there was a massive shipment of faulty capacitors a few years back. supposedly one company stole another company's capacitor plans and used them, which turned out to be faulty(but by this time millions had been shipped) and in this case, I'd say it wouldn't be your fault. However apart from that my assumption is a power surge, overheating or just wear and tear on the capacitor.

    3) I doubt it would have damaged anything else, but there's always a possibility.

    You can fix these, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you were well experienced with capacitor repairs, otherwise you could screw it up more(if its possible.)

    If you have any queries about getting a new card feel free to ask, just list your full computer specifications and your price-range.
  2. thanks for your reply i have send the card for the RMA to gigabyte but i am not sure weather thy will take it or not because its a physical damage all i can do is have to waite till i get ther reply but i still want to know what might be the problem to do a damage like this well frankly the card is a good one because all the stuffs in the card is high standard once but truly don't know what hapend:(:(:( hmm do u think thes type of damage can cause the chip to burn out too?

    this is the card witch i own

  3. Best answer pl0x :P
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