GTS 250 no dual display?

I have a GTS250 1GB green edition, and when i plug in my VGA monitor, all is well, running at 1024x768, when i unplug this and plug in my 32" LCD via HDMI all is well, resolution is adjustable obviously.

However when I try to duplicate these screens it doesnt work, for example, if i have my 32" LCD plugged in and I search for new monitors to 'detect' via windows or Nvidia control panel, it just switches to the monitor (VGA) and wont detect the other, it works exactly the same the other way around, if I try to detect my LCD from my VGA

All I want to do is have them replicated so that when I want to I can plug in my 32".

One more thing, if any of you geniuses figue this out, is there anyway to have say my 32" running at a higher resolution?

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  1. My monitor has dual connections so I've never had this problem, My thoughts are that the graphics card can't automatically switch between the two connections which is entirely plausible, however if someone can correct me please go ahead.
  2. What plugs do you have? If you have DVI, VGA, and HDMI I'm guessing the VGA and HDMI are tied together. Meaning you can only have one or the other active at once. If you get a DVI to VGA adapter you can then use both.

    I would think HDMI would use whatever res your TV is?
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