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I am working on an IBM thinkpad and the LAN is not working, but wireless is. Although, the wireless is not my network. When I plug in the ethernet cable the computer recognizes the connection as operational at 100 mbps. Yet no sites will load. This wireless network is not my own, so I would prefer not to use it.

Any ideas?

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  1. Do any other computers connect to the internet? Do you have a location profile set in the connections manager? What os are you running?
  2. I am at an antique store and there is only one computer here. I am currently connected via someone else's wifi and the connections manager recognizes a linksys in the location profile. The OS is XP.

    I should note that I have tried this:

    F1 at startup

    it did not work.
  3. Ok, what you would want to do is go into the connections manager, and create a new profile that just had the wired connection listed, not the wireless. Or you could just turn off the wireless radio and see if it will work then.
  4. i just tried this and it did not work... still using the low signal strength wifi connection that is floating around.

    any more ideas?
  5. turn off the wireless radio, open command promt, and type


    wait for it to finish, then type


    and see if that works.
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