Am3+ motherboard?

Hi iam currently getting a phenom ii x4 proc and iam looking for good am3+ motherboard for the price four maybe future update when the bulldozer is launched...
So i hope to tell me you recommendation....and iam not looking to crossfire!
Thank you.
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  1. With no plans to Crossfire, you want to get a 970 chipset board. They typically have two PCIE slots, but the second one will be x4, which is not suitable for Crossfire.
    Here is one example: for $88 and free shipping.
    If there's any chance you'd ever want to use Crossfire, then this one for $118 counting shipping would be a better choice: as it can do x8,x8.
  2. Any of the Gigabyte mobos listed above that meet your needs are highly recommended.
  3. Hey, what about the 8 pin motherboards, does it require a special psu?
  4. Most new PSU's come with an 8pin plug.
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