AM3 - Any Chip, Any Time, Anywhere?

Hello TH,

I have been out of the game for a while, and I'm rebuilding my PC. I have but one question :

Will any AM3 MoBo, support any AM3 CPU?

Prime example;


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  1. As far I know know AM3 MoBo support any AM3 CPU.

    best thing to do is always check the CPU compatibility chart
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I guess I am still a little skeptical, as per the compatibility chart it honestly doesn't list the specific CPU I am looking at. Item code for which is;


    But there are Phenom II x4 965s in there, but not my particular one. Will it still work?
  3. Some may only support up to a certain no of W ie some support up to 125W some only 95W but most support 140W which is all of them. Some may also need a bios update. the board in your link supports them all.
  4. That board supports all AM3 processors including hexacore. However, you can find a AMD chipset motherboard for less money with the same features.

    Not to mention that motherboard only has a 1 yr warranty. I wouldn't buy it.
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