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I have a problem of running splinter cell double agent using 3d analyze's setting...........i dont know which box to tick
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  1. Can I please have some more detailed information on your system specifications.
    You can go to http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/pc-wizard/2010.1.95-setup.exe and
    download the program that shows up, Once installed save the system summary via
    this floppy disk icon at the top left of the screen and then select a file name
    for it, once done copy and paste the contents of the text file to this forum post,
    unfortunatley this doesn't include power supply or case specifications so I will
    need you to look inside the case for there serial/model numbers and manufacturers

  2. The splinter cell double agent have pixel shader 3.0 and 3d analyzer can only be used for the games having pixel shader 2.0 so there is no way that any setting can help you in running this game.
    I tried myself this game to run with 3d analyzer in the past.
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