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I have 640 gb blue WD 2.5 inches laptop hard disk. Recently, i am shown a warning 'disk port 2 is at risk, please back up your files' by intel rapid storage technology software. First, i tought it was something related with virus or disfunction of windows, so i installed brand new win8. However, after using it 2-3 days without any problem, hard disk warnings started to pop up again. I repeated same process but again conclusion was the same. I run task manager and noticed that hard disk usage is 100 percent. That causes computer to lock. So here is my question; 'What could it be ?'

I have got a feeling that my hard disk is dead. But as i can understand untill now, only one partition is damaged on my disk. So is there any way that i can disable malfunctioning partiton of my disk so i wont pay anymore into my darn cash eating laptop of lenovo ?? I beg for help, please ...
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  1. Hard drive going bad.
    Replace soon, or wait till it dies completely.
    You can keep ignoring the messages and eventually they will stop.
  2. it seems like you misunderstood my question, i am asking is there any way to repair it without paying any money. your answer is nothing different than warnings i ignored. ı still have hope because after formatting my pc it works 2 or 3 days without any problem. If you can answer this question, answer it, otherwise dont bother.. Thanks anyway
  3. you can get away with something without paying for it, it's called stealing or theft. but let me repeat the warning because you don't pay attention


    (it works after your format because it finds a working part of the HDD, but after 2-3 days that section has failed)
  4. Tons of bad sectors as well as a failing hdd is my guess. 2.5" hdds are super cheap search on newegg for a nice 7200rpm replacement
  5. Thanks for answers. i was looking for a free solution, because i paid a small laptop price for my lenovo y560's repairments untill now. i just dont want to pay anymore because i know another part of it is going to fail about a month later or so. i got so tired and pissed off dealing with this piece of sh.t, i dont want to pay even 5 dollars into it anymore. i think i am gonna watch it burn in my backyard today ..
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