Upgrade now - wait? need some help

It's been a while since I've used a desktop - it's mostly been collecting dust for a year since Jan 2010 and hasn't even been turned on since then. I've been living off laptops (mostly my Dell XPS 1640, which has dedicated video and plays some games pretty decently) plus its more pleasant to work on the couch vs. a desk. I haven't had the desire to play games much lately anyhow. However, with the new COD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor (latest) and a few others - time to hit the power button, as these are the few games I actually enjoy.

Current Specs:

-Processor: Intel E6750
-Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35DS3R
-Video Card: eVGA GeForce 460GTX SE (bought a week ago, had a 9800GT previously, but sale price was too good)
-Memory: DDR2 2GB x 2 DIMM's (4GB total, run dual-channel)
-Hard Drives: a bunch, lol. all seagate sata 7200rpm - roughly 3T of space.
-Power Supply: Antec 650W
-Monitor: 24" LCD
-OS: Windows XP, sp3 (have Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate) but for gaming, XP seems the most compatible.

Anyhow, that's the relevant data/specs.

So I was thinking about picking up components - effectively a new rig, since, almost everything has to be swapped out due to new socket designs, DDR3 memory, etc...... i.e. I5/I7-Core or AMD Phenom II x6, DDR3/1600, some giga-byte motherboard. etc.

However, between the 460GTX and the E6750 I'm wondering if it's worth the time (building PC's is a pain even though I've done countless times) and the money vs. actual performance increases. I know Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, the last game I played before retiring this box on the 9800GT video card, running @ 1920x1200 ran smoothly and without hiccups of any kind (along with Crysis and Just Cause).

So questions are:

1. Should I bother at all or just wait until summer and let prices drop or see what ever is new out (i.e. this setup is good enough - E6750 + Geforce 460GTX SE).

2. Or Should I swap processors in this rig to squeeze a bit more out of it - i.e. E6750 for either: E6800 3.3GHz, price $89 or a Quad Core - but the 775 Quads are pricey $350 range) and don't make sense from bench results - i.e. little difference).

Lastly, if the answer to the above is no (don't bother, just wait). I'll likely toss an SSD drive in there. Get a 128GB, leave 30GB for the OS partition and remaining 100GB for game/frequently used app partition. Or a 30GB for the OS and maybe use the spare 256GB (noted below) for the games/apps).

I've got 2 SSD's in my laptops (256GB Crucial brand, 3rd I'm selling, never used it in that laptop, couldn't delete enough off that machine with a 320GB drive ). Blazing fast drives and very reliable.

Any thoughts or opinions are quite welcome.

thank you in advance.

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  1. Check your frame rates for the games you play. Your current system may be adequate with windows xp. If you want to spend a significant amount on a complete upgrade, wait for Sandy bridge, which is being reviewed now on several websites, including this one.
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    Your current setup is good enough for those games and windows 7.. Better wait till AMD's Bulldozer launch and see what it brings in terms of performance and/or price drops..
  3. thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

  4. if u haven't bought da gtx 460, i would hve recommended u not 2 buy it nw, but as u alredy did, so stop here nw.
    wait for da sandy bridges 2 get available nd sum price drops nd buy it later den.
    plus ur current system can run ne game fyn
  5. If you are worried about your CPU, you can always pick up a second hand Core 2 Duo that is clocked higher... like the e7500 2.93GHz... or keep your eyes on eBay for the Pentium e6500... it is also 2.93GHz same as the e7500, .... And e6500 can be picked up for $40-90... it just has 1MB less cache than the e7500.
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  7. As mentioned, I appreciate the replies. I was pretty sure, I was OK spec wise for 95% of the games. So I'll just wait 6 months and see what Intel and AMD are doing.

    I did already pick-up the 460, but seems to work fine. Worst case, I'll just upgrade that again and give the old one to my Dad.

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