Worth reviving her?

Hi everyone,

I had an old AMD Athlon 2500 based PC which i thought was dead.
I did not bother to spend time on repairing it as i bought a laptop for replacement. Yesterday, I manged to boot the old lady up again after like two years without touching it.

The PC is unstable, which I suspect is caused by the power supply, a cheap one. all other components appear to run fine. Here are the specs:
AMD Athlon 2500+
256MB x2 DDR RAM
6600GT graphic card with Zalman copper cooler

I am thinking of buying a new CM eXtreme power PSU and 1GB x2 RAM to make her run Windows 7, so that I can play MW2. Currently, I am running MW2 on my laptop DELL Inspiron 1420 with 8400M GS Gfx, after overclocking the card and some tweak , I can get 60FPS on 1024x768 resolution.

So will the desktop run MW2 better than the laptop if I revive it with some OC to both GPU and CPU? Is it worth the money to do so? need some opinion from you guys.
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  1. Your dealing with old socket A tech. I wouldn't bother.
  2. Ineed the com is old. But some reviews said that the 6600GT has more juice than 8400M GS? How many more frames do you think i can squeeze out?
    Anyway, the desktop can also be for my parents too.
  3. As a mobile chip the 6600 probably is faster. But the fact remains its an old slow Socket A 2500. (I suppose you could have a S754 2500+, but I'm not sure that helps any.) The CPU is simply to slow to handle MW2. Why buy DDR1 ram when you can get DDR2? Your better off getting $300-500 together and doing a cheap build then trying to keep that computer going.
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    While I agree with 4745454b in regards to upgrading the system for gaming purposes, you could upgrade the RAM and power supply for your parents. I think you'd be hard pressed to find Windows 7 drivers for a system that old, though. If you have a spare copy of XP, then I'd probably go ahead and do the upgrade, but ONLY for giving it to the parents.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Wolf has a point. I have a nearly identical system - only with an FX5700. Until recently, it was my workhorse system (just transitioned to an Intel C2Q system).

    It's still a competent system for the web and office apps. It will be a give-away system once I get everything off-loaded.

    But I wouldn't put too much money into it if I were you. You just need to decide how much is too much. :)
  6. thanks everyone. I bought a coolermaster extreme 550W PSU for the old com and it is running fine now. Initially i installed windows 7 but it seems to run a little slow (it was actually usable, you just have to wait for few seconds for every window you open), so I am back with win XP.

    I did not upgrade the RAM cos DDR1 RAM are rare and expensive and I am planning to upgrade this system soon, like end of this year, so I just bought this PSU which could be used for the new system.

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