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Hi guys,
I just finished building my gaming pc...
I had installed one SSD 256gb Samsung 830 and a 1to 7200 rpm 32 mb cache...

Ive put both of them in SATA 6GBs and the DVD drive in the sata3GBs

I heard alot of thing about AHCI RAID 0 RAID 1.... im reaaly confused I look in the FAQ but that didnt answer my question :(

what do i need to do ? SSD on RAID 0 and the HDD on RAID 1 ??

thank you all !!!!
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    You don't need to create a RAID array with your setup.

    SATA ports can have 3 settings (modes): IDE, AHCI, & RAID.

    IDE mode is used mostly by Optical drives (CD, DVD, etc.), and HDD drives.
    SSDs need to be in AHCI mode for best performance.

    Set the port your SSD is connected to to AHCI mode.
  2. perfect and my 1 to ?
  3. Your HDD can be in AHCI mode also.
  4. raid requires at least two hdd or ssd to enable it. While you probably could turn on a raid with one SSD and one HDD it would be pointless since the SSD would always be waiting for the hdd and therefore slow your system down.

    If you got another of either one you could raid0 it with the other for nearly double the performace and space but no security. (two 1tb drives in raid0 = one fast 2tb drive) but if one drive fails all data is lost

    or you could raid1 them for security but loose the added space and not gain much performance. In this mode one drive always and immediately copies what you do on the other drive. Add a file and it gets added to both. Delete a file and its gone from both. (two 1tb drives in raid1 = one 1tb drive with an automatic 'live' backup) if one drive fails you have all your data on the other one.
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  6. thank you so much guys !!
  7. Ive put both in ahci thx!!
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