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I have a c2q q6700 compaq computer. I believe that since the mobo is from compaq and mass-made, there's no oc capabilities. I am a newbie to this, so do I change my mobo? I think the q6700 should have good oc potential so I'm not planning to get a new CPU.

My specs are also quite shitty:
Geforce gt9300
2gb DDR2-800 RAM
320gb 7200rpm hdd
Window vista 32bit

Any idea what mobo and upgrades to get before I can game seriously? Need alot of help so please guys.
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  1. i would rather recommend building a brand new pc, because
    -2gig is not enough for most games
    -gpu is shitty
    -vista is even worse...
    -if you upgrade your gpu, you'll prolly need a better psu
    -mobo might be necessary to upgrade.

    => 90% of the cost of a new pc are above components...
    my recommendation: build a new pc
    (look at some of the builds available on toms and ask for advice if you have chosen the parts.)
  2. VISTA IS NOT THAT BAD! Why's everyone gotta bring it down? So technology has moved on from Windows XP. Get over it.

    Anyway... Yea, get a new computer with Windows 7 if you're planning on gaming. What's the budget?
  3. Okay. I've checked and I realise I can probably get a i7-950 computer with 1-1.1k. X58 mobo and paulit gt460 768mb.

    Any opinions on my build with the budget? Between double and triple channel rams, what's the difference? And should I go on with the i7-950 or i7-2600. Which has the better performance vs value?
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