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Do I need a new mobo

Last response: in CPUs
January 5, 2011 8:21:06 AM


I have a c2q q6700 compaq computer. I believe that since the mobo is from compaq and mass-made, there's no oc capabilities. I am a newbie to this, so do I change my mobo? I think the q6700 should have good oc potential so I'm not planning to get a new CPU.

My specs are also quite shitty:
Geforce gt9300
2gb DDR2-800 RAM
320gb 7200rpm hdd
Window vista 32bit

Any idea what mobo and upgrades to get before I can game seriously? Need alot of help so please guys.

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January 5, 2011 9:27:26 AM

i would rather recommend building a brand new pc, because
-2gig is not enough for most games
-gpu is shitty
-vista is even worse...
-if you upgrade your gpu, you'll prolly need a better psu
-mobo might be necessary to upgrade.

=> 90% of the cost of a new pc are above components...
my recommendation: build a new pc
(look at some of the builds available on toms and ask for advice if you have chosen the parts.)
January 5, 2011 11:59:26 AM

VISTA IS NOT THAT BAD! Why's everyone gotta bring it down? So technology has moved on from Windows XP. Get over it.

Anyway... Yea, get a new computer with Windows 7 if you're planning on gaming. What's the budget?
January 5, 2011 10:46:16 PM

Okay. I've checked and I realise I can probably get a i7-950 computer with 1-1.1k. X58 mobo and paulit gt460 768mb.

Any opinions on my build with the budget? Between double and triple channel rams, what's the difference? And should I go on with the i7-950 or i7-2600. Which has the better performance vs value?