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How to Undelete xbox360 saves from FlashDrive?

a c 748 G Storage
January 17, 2013 10:19:31 PM

My cousin's old xbox 360 with an 80gb top mounted harddrive began to die so he moved , (yes he said moved as in no longer on the HDD), his game saves to a 16gb usb flashdrive and went out an bought a new xbox skyrim bundle with a 250gb harddrive. When he plugged his flashdrive into the new xbox instead of allowing him to transfer in his game saves - it formatted it thus he believes all his saves are lost.

I don't do consoles but I know on a pc I could easily recover probably all the files. How can I do this on an Xbox? or with my pc?

Initial research is showing me it (xbox) uses a different file system and I've only found a few older posts that actually seem to be discussing recovering deleted files (along with lots of posts claiming so but then discuss something completely different) and I'm not sure if they are still relevant or the pc tools they use still work.

Fortunately he called me as soon as it formatted the flashdrive and I told him to set it aside and not to touch it so the data should still be in near pristine condition. I also had him set aside the old xbox 80gb HDD in case I need to recover the files from it directly.

He's still kicking himself for moving instead of copying to the flashdrive...

Thank you for reading thru all this and any assistance you can give.