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I now have a Western Digital Passport external HDD.. want to back up all my data on my current PC (Win7). Both for back up purposes, and to transfer data to a new notebook. How do I do it? When I attach the external drive there are no prompts...
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  1. You need to install the WD SmartWare software that came with your drive:
  2. **You can do it manually. **
    Open an explorer window. Then left click on the external drive, make a new folder and name it something like "Backup 1-17-2013" . click the new folder to open it (there shouldn't be anything in it so the right side of explorer will be empty). On the left side - Rt click on Libraries (this has things like documents, music, pictures.. underneath it) and then left click on Copy. Now move your mouse to the blank area of the opened backup folder, rt click and then select paste.
    - This only works if you keep all your data in the libraries.

    ** You can use a backup program.**
    You might even have one that came with the drive. If you explore the drive there might be software there for you to install. if not there are several free ones out on the net. be sure to select the external drive as the destination for the backup.

    ** You can use Windows**
    All versions of windows since win95 have a built in backup program; for win7 hit start and type backup and hit enter. On the screen that pops up - on the right you can set a backup schedule and configure what folders get backed up. on the left you can create a system image which is like a whole system backup. (create a repair disk creates a bootable repair dvd. If you have a burner make a few copies and store them in separate places)

    edit - I should mention that the windows backups are for that version of windows only typically. If you , say, go to win8 and loose your data you likely won't be able to restore from the win7 backups.
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