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one of my friend wants a new rig under $350.he wants:
-case and psu
-dvd drive
he wants everything except the monitor,speaker,mouse,keyboard and graphics card.please help me to suggest him the best possible solution.he already has an hd 5570 and he has a 17 inch monitor.he is a casual gamer so he doesnt wants a powerhouse and it would be nice if you could suggest even cheaper for his needs as he is on a tight budget.thanks.
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  1. $328AR

    Actually there is no reason why one could not slot in the shortish GTX 460 in this config down the road (besides lack of $$)
  2. but how much dollars will they cost in india.because i think you know that prices are higher here as he got the hd 5570 for rs 5000 which is almost equal to $ i think the configuration you have suggested might not be within his budget.but i will tell him to give these specs a try as this looks very impressive.
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