Recovering Data from Dead USB

I have an 3-4 Year old 8GB PNY Attache USB Key that contains a number of important files. I do have older versions of these files on another computer, but they are a month old and I would like to not lose the work I recently put into them.

So, in summary: Losing these files aren't the end of the world, but if I can recover them, I want to. I have already replaced the USB in question, so I don't care about losing that in the process.

Let's run down what I know currently:

*The USB is usually not recognized by any of my computers.
*If it is recognized, it usually takes several minutes, but then shows 0mb or "No Media".
*Data Recovery software, such as Recuva, might recognize the drive (H:\), but cannot access it.

I'm opening to suggestions on how I can recover the data, which is priority (I'm not using this USB again). Of course, if the data is lost, then it's lost (I'm working with the older files already to update them).

Just seeing what I can do. Thanks for your time.
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  1. Unfortunately, the recovery program you recommended recognized the drive, but failed to recover the data. It is encountering the same issue of 0mb being the amount of space on the drive.
  2. Hello,

    You can also try to use other option for data recovery software to recover your data back.There are several Windows Disk Recovery software available which has been devised to cater the need of recovering the data lost from computer's hard disk or other storage media like PEN drive, ZIP drive, etc.

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  3. you would need to recover data directly from the chip in this case
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