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First build here, I got a 2.5in SATAIII SSD. The thing is, my case does not have pre made bays for SSD, and I know I need a mounting bracket from a 3.5in HDD bay to mount the 2.5in SSD on. Thing is, there are no places around that sell this bracket, and I really want to finish my build.

I already have a WD HDD Mechanical Drive mounted. And I want to SSD to have the Operating system on there. Sooo. What can I do?? Would it be alright for me to just lay the SSD on top of the HDD for now until a bracket comes? or is that plausible for short circuiting something? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Yes, just lay the SSD flat until you get a bracket.

    Here's a inexpensive bracket:
  2. Yeah, you can put the ssd on the bottom of your case or on top of the hard drive - neither conduct electricity, nor does the outside of the SSD, so you're fine.
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