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Monitor to purchase

Hello everyone,

I wish to purchase a 23" or 24" monitor at 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 from the following range of reputable brands:

- Asus
- BenQ
- Samsung
- Viewsonic

A unit with HDMI input is preferred. Also, I prefer glossy screen compared matte finish unless someone can convince me otherwise.

Can I get some recommendations?

Usage: Light gaming, programming, web development and watching stock.
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    Matte is better, its ALOT less reflective, and not half as much a fingerprint magnet.

    I'd advise on the Viewsonic range, Heres a few to chose from

    24" LED TV/Monitor @ $246.84

    24" LCD Monitor(the next gen up from mine, mines WTF&#^ Pwn) @ $209.99

    The TV's good value IMO, can have it in your room for dual purposes, Or just install a TV tuner in your PC...
  2. Thanks decode for the advice. Will look into them.
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