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Hey, i was about to buy the Gigabyte GTX 460 but it was out of stock, however, the shop had the MSI version of the card and i told them i'll think about it and come back latter, i have a Gigabyte P35-DS3R motherboard, will an MSI work on a Gigabyte motherboard since they are 2 different brands? Is there any difference between the MSI and Gigabyte version of the card which would make me wait a few weeks for the Gigabyte GTX 460 to become available? I am going to overclock the card i buy.

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  1. Yes, Any ATI or nVidia will work on any of the current generation motherboards so-long as they have PCI-E 2.0 (16x pref, 8x min recommended)

    The MSi version will be roughly the same, although I'd recommend getting a HAWK version, there cooler and there also factory overclocked.

    The only thing you have to worry about is if you have enough power(I wouldn't recommend under a 500w PSU)
  2. Thanks for the answer, i have 620W PSU so i should be ok, the Gigabyte version of the card has 2 coolers and the msi has 1, will the cooling difference be noticeable?
  3. well are we talking about the MSI Cyclone 1 Gb 256 bit? nothing compares to cooling, overclocking stresses, and looks!!! is this the card they said you must replace?

    by all means MSI Cyclone!!

    just my thought

  4. Yes, we are talking about MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5
    and GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 GV-N460OC-1GI
  5. Yes that PSU will support it, As for the fans, theres quite a possibility that the Gigabyte is overclocked while the MSi isn't, if you can ring the store and then post the model numbers, or there names it would be helpful.
  6. The msi card is overclocked to 725mhz, while the gigabyte is overclocked to 715mhz, i am going to overclock the one i get to 800mhz so it does not matter.
  7. Get the MSi for sure. Its a great card from what I've heard, and it has a semi-after-market fan so its better for cooling.
  8. All hail the MSI Cyclone GTX 460 1 GB 256Bit.

    I'll rate that the best card (value for money) for 2010 so far!!!
  9. 6xxx series are due out in Oct/Nov. Your gonna get owned :)
  10. hahaha, whatever dude!! you're just too much!! :)

    emphasis on the words "so far"... you can't deny that fact now can you

    but I am pretty keen on seeing what Ati have to offer!!
  11. Got the card, it works like a charm, thanks guys.
  12. Only problem with the card is that it looks like crap :(
  13. Haha, I'd rather have a card that looks crap and beats the *** out of you then looks *** and got the crap beat out of you.
  14. Performance over looks....that's what I'd say! :) I mean, how many times you gonna open the case and admire the looks?

    The MSI Cyclone....all the way! :)
  15. The gigabyte one also looks like crap, but who cares when they can max out any game on the market ;p
  16. looks like crap??? whats this guys deal? its a mean card? beautifully elegant!! with one mother of a fan on it!!

    you won't be disappointed!!
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