Still covered by warranty? No receipt but original packaging

Hello I'm trying to sell my i7 950 and asus p6x58d-e and potential buyer was asking if they are still covered by warranty.
I bought the i7 950 on ebay brand new and still have original packaging.
The p6x58d-e I bought second hand in november but it had only been bought in october and I have original packaging for it too.

How do I check if these have warranty and for how long?
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  1. I would check asus website and review their rma process for warranty. See if the original receipt is required. Some manufacturer's like MSI can determine the date the board was built and don't need the original receipt for warranty. But beware the inspection process is very picky; if they see any damage on the board, they will void the warranty.
  2. I think the Intel warranty would be ok when you request an RMA the cpu number will be recognised by Intel as still under warranty or not if its run out, 3 yrs. Check on Intel website, look for RMA info.

    Not sure about the mobo, it may be the same situation, really if you could track down where it was brought from that would be the best option as the return would probably be through the supplier, 1yr.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Ok thanks for the replies, checked out their site and it looks like they offer 3 year warranty. Just trying to find out if I need the receipt or is it just the serial number needed now
  4. Some sites allow you to input serial number to check remaining warranty.
    Some it only comes into play when you are returning, it says accepted or out of warranty.
  5. asus aint fussy bout proof of purchase so you safe on the board
  6. asus usually jsu tneeds the numbers to determine when it was made and then if its covered they will rma and determine if the issue is covered by warrenty or not, after tha tif you're approved you get a new one, if not you get your board back with a explination
  7. ^A friend of mine did just that so as to have the security of a shop brought unit.

    When his Acer all in one unit went wrong (after 2 weeks) he returned to the shop where he was given a phone number to call Acer direct. He then had to package up the unit and send it off for repair, I laughed. :lol:
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