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I just need some help. I built 3 computers and have not run into anything i could'nt solve until now. I just completed an I7 950 build on a gigabyte X58A-UDR3 motherboard rev.2.0 when i plug in the computer i get nothing am going to have psu tested this morning. Where the Antec 900 two cases power button plugs into the motherboard it has a two prong line and the motherboard has three prongs do i need and adapter or is this an issue
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  1. You should be able to just split the connector from the case in two and use the two outer pins on the motherboard, the forward one being - the aft +. If that is not the issue here is a good guide to follow
  2. Yep, downloaded your motherboard manual and confirmed it. The power switch pinout is 2-pin and the power LED is 3-pin. You are trying to connect to the wrong pinout on the motherboard.
  3. Yes top row pins 3+ and 4- from the left is the pwr switch.
  4. i just got back from testing psu. so i will get out my manual and look at it again thanks
  5. thanks for the help. trying to load windows 7. If i encouter any problems if you could help i would appreicate it alot.
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