Upgrading from integrated, Under $100 budget

Hello people!
I just suscribed to this site even though I browse trough it a lot when in need of computing knowledge.
Pardon me my english , I am a french canadian and so french is my main language, english my second.

I just bought this ''Compaq Presario Desktop with AMD Athlon II 215 Processor and 18.5" Widescreen LCD Monitor ''
at best buy. Here is a link to what I bought

You can see al the spec there but I will list the main one.
Pros AMD Athlon II X2 215 2.7 ghz
Graphic Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9200
O.S Windows 7 Home Premium
Sound Card NVIDIA GeForce 9200 ??wtf??
Power supply 220 Watt omg QQ
Slim casing !!
1x Pci E X16 available

I did some research and found out that I can still add a graphic card even tough there should not be enuff power for it.
I browsed trough some forum and saw some pple using graphic card on very low power supply and it worked fine all the time.

Here is my question.
I would liek to know what would be the best graphic card for me to buy.
It has to have a low power consuption and it has to be low profile.
I have a low budget of under 100$
I do not really know where I will buy it but my credit card is frozen for some reason ( I have no fuckaing idea why it just stopped working all of a sudden).I will probably buy it at futureshop or bestbuy or Lasource or a small computer shop like dantech or whatever. I live in montreal.

I know I cant get far with this low budget but I am a 20 years old poor gamer and I would like to have the best of that 100$ for my card to play starcraft 2, some mmorpg etc...

I have a 2nd computer with a 8600 gt and I find that it's good enough.I can play starcraft 2 at med quality with med resolution and I have high FPS.
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  1. 220W is bit too low for any decent GPU. If its a slim casing then please measure the width of the cabinet. That would be helpful.

    Try something like Sapphire HD5550 Ultimate. That may fit the 220W PSU. Just a wee bit better than the 9500GT, isn't much of a card though.
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    I think the hd 5550 or hd 5570 will be ideal for you on the 220 watt supply.
    It's better to get the hd 5570 here is the link related to it's performance
  3. Thx a lot guys, here is what I found

    It's a 5570 asus from a computer shop near my house. Looks like it's the best I can get for +- 100$.

    low power needed, low profile braket included ,106 + tax and good enuf to hold the newest game at med quality.

    I will call them and bring my computer to the shop to see if the card can fit in.If everything is good ..See you on !!
  4. You're most welcome! :)
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