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I have just finished building an I7-950 on a Gigabyte X58A-UDR3 motherboard with 6 gigs Corsair dominator 12800 ddr3 1600 mgz 3x2gb ram and EVGA GTS 450 with 1gb ddr5 video card. After completion of build i am ready to try it out i plug in and try to turn on and nothing i mean nothing no fans nothing going to test psu this morning another question where my antec 900 two case has the power wires to plug into the motherboard it has a two prong wire my motherboard has a three prong connection how is this supposed to be plugged in do i need an adapter or does it matter
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  1. Look in your motherboards manual for where the IO (input output.. like the power button all those tiny little colorful cables that come from the front) goes, there is no standard pinout for them, manual manual manual will tell you where it goes.

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    The power switch wire and power switch connection on your motherboard are both 2-pin, but the power LED connection on the motherboard is 3-pin. It sounds like you have your power LED and the power switch wires mixed up.
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