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I have an ATI Radeon HD 5870. A few months ago I updated to the newest driver at the time, Catalyst 10.6. After the update, the mouse pointer started to lag. I use a 46" lcd TV as my monitor and it had been working well until the update. When the newer drivers, 10.7, came out, I immediately updated thinking it would solve the problem but it still lags. I updated the mouse driver and that didn't help either.

To see if the problem was in fact the video card drivers, i uninstalled them and let windows assign the default drivers for that video card; that fixed the problem. I would like to use the latest drivers for my video card since they have fixed a few issues but it's very annoying to navigate the screen with a pointer that's a second or so behind. Perhaps there is a setting in the Catalyst software that i need to change? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hello
    Well Catalyst 10.6/10.7 are buggy and most users have problems with them, try using an older driver like 10.5 and see if it helps.
  2. CCC 10.8 is already out. You may try that as well.
  3. I figured it out...

    In the CCC Desktop properties you can select basic resolutions for the screen but there is also a selection for HDTV resolutions. So instead of 1920x1080, it says 1080p. Unfortunately, that also means that the default refresh rate goes down to 24hz to match the default refresh rate of NTSC film. It makes sense if you are using it on a home theater computer i guess but I want to use the tv as a computer monitor, not just for video. So i changed it back to 60hz and there is no more lag.

    Thanks for your input and i will definitely update the new version of CCC
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