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Asus vs galaxy vs palit gtx 460

Hi folks,

I'm wondering which of these 3 cards be best:
-Asus ENGTX 460 DirectCU TOP/2DI/1GD5
-Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinium
-Galaxy GTX 460 Super OC 1GB
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  1. Asus GTX 460 DirectCU 1GB edition is just about the best 460 you can get. Followed by the MSI Cylcone GTX 460 1GB edition.
  2. oh ok.

    but the asus only has 775 mhz core frequency factory clocked; while the palit at 800 and galaxy at 810. what makes the asus the best then?

    i read that palit has gud cooling factor but not for the vram while the galaxy is pretty loud. still curious though as i too read that the galaxy super oc is the fastest gtx 460 series out atm.
  3. Asus produces better quality products which are stabler and last for longer. SFAIK the Asus is the best followed by the MSi as Helltech said, The MSi will come in cheaper than the asus more likely however while not sacrificing a noticeable amount of quality.

    I also recommend EVGA however there inline with Asus expense wise.

    I currently have a 9800GT LPE from Galaxy, Ill be upgrading to a HIS or similar 6xxx series card soon.
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    If the card is clocked higher thats called a factory overclock, if you get a GTX 460 you will be overclocking it yourself anyway. And you can overclock any GTX 460 to its SuperClocked Edtion clocks with ease. The DirectCU edition has very good cooling by the way.

    Also you can't go wrong with the Cylcone as decode said, the difference between the two is really little so personal preference can be a big deciding factor there.

    Unless you're trying to save a dollar I wouldn't get anything but those two.

    Also if you are in the US this deal might still be good.

    Add the promo code FYL5221, brings the card down to 210. Not sure if its on backorder or anything, however.
  5. great stuff lads. thanks! will be looking into that asus :]
  6. Hey,

    Any particular reason why not MSI?

    Like Helltech said, a factory OC'd ain't that bad an idea! Plus, you really won't go wrong with the Cyclone!! The brand itself is a brilliant one! Now, I'm not saying that Asus, etc aren't...just personally, MSI is better1
  7. If he was going to get the card you linked, he should get the one I linked, its about 25 dollars cheaper.
  8. I tried to see if the promo deal worked, but wasn't successful. Yet, if it's available for 25 bucks lesser, then certainly he should go for yours! :)
  9. hmm in malaysia. no newegg here :(
  10. Well in that case since you are looking at the ASUS DirectCU version anyway, just get it. You can overclock it yourself, and you can overclock it high.
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