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Ok join Tom's Hardware and now need some advice on upgrading my current system. Im no computer wizz but know enough to get around and DIY. Im on a tight'ish budget and want room for future upgrading without replacing the entire system.

Current -
Q6600 OC @ 2.88
GTS 250 DK 1Gb
22" Samsung LCD monitor
4GB 800MHz DDR2 Ram (2x2GB)
Mobo - 1xPCI-E 16
@ work atm so not much to say on my motherboard.

Want -

System 1
AMD's Six-Core Phenom II X6 1055T
Asus M4A79XTD Evo - 2xPXI-E Crossfire
ATI Radeon HD 5830 1GB (Taking this as its fairly cheap and can always in future pop in a 2nd one and its a DX11 card)


System 2
Intel I5 760
ASUS Intel P55, LGA1156 - 2xPCI-E (Crossfire & SLI)
A 2nd GTS 250 for SLI

My crysis? Well the AMD/ATI combo would work out a little more expensive with not that much of an upgrade on graphics. But leaves more room for upgrading in the future. Im not a MAJOR GAMER but i do like smooth frames and high res. Where as the Intel/Nvidia system would give me better FPS for cheaper with less of an upgrade possibility as ill have to replace both graphics cards and if i wanna get a new CPU the LGA1156 wont let me go much higher than I7 8** series. If i was to spend more on a I7 9** CPU, the SLI combo would be hard to get as its soo BLUDDY HARD to find a SLI compatible LGA1366 motherboard that's not super expensive.

I was also thinking of just staying putt with my current Q6600 (consider this System 3) and sticking in a nice big fat ATI HD 5870 or something equivalent, but been going through so many reviews / gossip that my CPU might bottleneck my system/graphics output that i think its time for a new age CPU, am i right?

Hope I've given enough info and hope I posted in the right section. Didn't see any "upgrade" Sub-category.

Thanks <3
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  1. Hello, I think you've got the right idea to stay put with your Q6600.

    System 1:
    If your only gaming the X6 is a waste of money, you will see no performance increase in gaming on an X6 over an X4. I would consider a 955BE instead. This also allows you to get maybe the 5850 from the saved cost.

    You seem to be keen on OCing, at 2.8GHz I do not believe you will see a noticeable bottleneck with the 5870.

    Both Systems 1 & 2 will be like 775 in about 3 or 4 months. New sockets will be out and they will not be compatible. So I do not believe upgrading from 775 is the best option at this time.

    Also grabbing a 5870 right now might not be your best option either. As you have a pretty good system I'm sure you can wait a little while, the new 6XXX cards come out in about a week. This should get you better value when buying a new card whether going with 6XXX or 5XXX.

    If you just buy a new GPU then you can always take it to a new build so you really haven't lost anything even if you upgrade the rest in the future. So I think your best option is to only upgrade the GPU either now or in a week when the 6XXX comes out which ever you can handle.

    Hope that helps you make up your mind a bit.
  2. Well your going to want to stick with AMD for the AM3 socket is going to be around a while, and if your looking for budget parts go with ATI, Gigabyte, ect...
  3. @ Wolygon - Thanks for the advice. U got me all exited about the new 6 series. Read a few reviews and its due out this year still!
  4. Don't expect a huge increase in performance.... 6870 & 6850 (the chips due this yr) are only going to be competing with the 5850 & 5870, so don't expect to see a huge performance increase. The 5850 would be your best bet if you stick around on your socket.

    Now another option has been mentioned. Assuming you live in the US, the cheapest 5830 w/o discounts from wholesale is 190$, if you go with the 955 which is now only 150$ in the US, you save about 50-60$ from 1055T - 955 BE. So with that money put towards the 190$ GPU budget it now is 240-250$. That said, the cheapest, good cooling, voltage unlocked 5850 is the DirectCu from Asus coming around 265$. So that's probably your best bet. Go with the 955 and with the money saved get a 5850 DirectCu. The reason being is with the 5850 DirectCu, it has voltage unlocked (unlock all the 5850s out currently) which will allow you to up the voltage during OC. That is the only way a 5850 can hit 1000 core clock. At that point the 5850 is passed the performance of a stock 5870. Therefore you save practically 100-150$ and that'll allow you to play any game on High really. The other 5850's that have voltage unlocked is the reference (so the first 5850s, that really doesn't exist unless you go local perhaps) or the 5850 twin frozr (terrible card, runs hotter than reference so best bet is the directcu)

    Review Asus DirectCu 5850:

    OK: Sidenote, don't listen to that review partially that I'm refering to there max OC on the card. A 5850 with voltage tweaking would get to AT LEAST 1000 core clock. I've done it. By that point the 5850 gets 18125 in 3Dmark vantage. So way better than there 981 core clock. GL
  5. Ok, so i typed out this long reply and just when i clicked on submit my work PC died :fou:

    So, short version.

    AMD's Six-Core Phenom II X6 1055T
    AM3 Mobo Crossfire (MSI)
    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB

    The 6 series ATI is going to bring the prices down on the 5 series so if i want to buy a 2nd 5850 it should by that time be fairly cheap. Don't think the prices on the 6 series will justify the small performance increase over the 5 series and tbh if i was planning on getting a 6 series down the line, i would rather w8 for the 28nm tech mid next year.

    Some might think, why the 6 core AMD?. Well its my first AMD so bleh! i want 6 cores! Personal preference. And besides the upgrade from my Q6600 to a 955 BE isnt really what i would call an big upgrade. Speed wise yea it might be, but 4cores to 4cores no thanks.

    Cheers for the replies <3
  6. Are you sure you don't want to wait for the Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge CPUs? They will be out very soon (Q1 2011) and are both big improvements.

    You are not in great need of a CPU upgrade at this point so I believe it will be a bad idea. Just get the 5850 then get a BD or SB when they come out.

    I think you will be much happier as if you get the AM3 you will be going straight from a dead socket to another dead socket. Your upgrade options will be gone and you also will not get as much bang for your buck.

    Please consider this.

    To solve your losing reply problem:

    If you don't use firefox you should. It has many addons which are excellent, ones I use are NoSript, TabGroups Manager, WOT, Speed Dial, Download them all, context search and most importantly "Lazarus:Form Recovery". Addons add so much customization and I think it is very good. Well that was my Pro firefox speech if you don't use it. :)

    "Lazarus: Form Recovery" Saves the text you write into forms like in tomshardware. If you have a browser crash, refresh or PC crash all you have to do is write click on the form, go to "Recover Text" and select which one you want. I found it after losing a few long replys which really bugs me. And it has saved me quite a few times now.

    Hope that helps.
  7. I read up on Mr Bulldozer and as intriguing as it sounds, don't think i want to w8 that long. Also read that Bulldozer will most likely be supporting AM3 sockets although AMD will introduce the AM3+ or AM4 for it. Besides with more games supporting more cores every day. A AMD X6 with 2x 8580 will still kick ass for a good couple of years.

    I've had my Q6600 for roughly 3 years now and its done its job well. If I had to w8 just a little for every new tech that comes out in every quarter, ill w8 forever becoz ever quarter something new pops up on the net.

    You know it might be a good idea to w8 for Bulldozer and then grab a 1055T or even a 1090T at a nicely cut down price :D . Don't have the cash yet so lets see. Might just decide to w8 after all lol. Thanks Wolygon!

    Oh and cheers for the addons. I do use firefox and checking that stuff out right now!
  8. Problem with the 1055T is that at only 2.8GHz it will bottleneck two 5850s pretty badly. If you are getting a CPU right now I think the X4 955 or 965 (if you don't like OCing) would be much better. That is as long as you are not use applications which do not require lots of CPU performance and are only gaming.

    A reason not to upgrade the CPU right now is that you will not see ANY performance increase with just the 5850. So if you were getting 2 5850s right now I would say go for a CPU upgrade but since your not there is no point.

    Also BD will not support AM3, for a while thats what it looked like but AMD has announced that it will not.

    Also I would like to note that I do not like when people say that if they waited for every next thing they would never get anything with reference to BD. BD is not a regular occurrence, heres a nice little quote for you "Bulldozer will be the first major redesign of AMD’s processor architecture since 2003, when the firm launched its Athlon 64/Opteron (K8) processors.".
  9. I agree to people who have recommended to wait untill the Bulldozer, Sandybridge, and higher classed HD6000 are already on the market.
    Upgrading a LGA775 quad-cored procs to either X4, X6, i7 1156, or lower it 1366 is not really worth it. The upgrade to HD5850 or GTX460 from a GTS250 is note really worth it either at this point.
    Just wait untill sommer next year.

    The buldozer or sandy bridge will be a good upgrades for your system, since they are going to be about 2 generations newer than your system.
    Having an upgrade only from about 1 generation away is not really worth it.
    1 generation away hardwares won't give you significant performance boost.
  10. Perhaps ure right. Did some "more" reading on BD and perhaps this is the way to go. And its really not as far off as i thought. The original post i read was slightly out of date. My only concern now is will i be able to afford it when it hits the shelf's? :(

    Really wanna try out AMD... Arr! the w8ting!

    @ Guanyu - U have a good point there on the 2 generations up thing. When it hits the shelf's and i finally get to the point of upgrading to the BD its gonna feel like moving from my P4 3.2 HT to my current Q6600 again.
  11. There are always mainstream CPUs otherwise no one would ever buy them. You will be able to afford them if you can afford a Phenom II X6 and you will also get a lot more performance for your money.

    Glad your gonna wait. :)
  12. Well newer gen stuff obviously have a huge impact, but I haven't read up on the SB series or the AMD series exactly. But We don't exactly know what to expect from both until we see benchmarks. SB does seem promising, but not for a budget, as they are apparently locking OC on the cheaper CPUs. BD just seems great, however will it perform? No one knows. The best chip I'd actually hafta say for a budget is defiantly of the current gen of i5 750. :P But, It is up to you.
  13. I want to thank u guys for stopping me in buying the AMD Phenom II x6.

    Based on THIS and based on the fact that my Q6600 is clocked at 2.9GHz which gives me the same performance as a 4x Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (based on Everest's benchmarks), upgrading to AMD's 6 core would have given me no benefit at all atm.

    I'm so happy that i registered on Tom's website and posted this <3 Saved me!
  14. Awesome, good luck with whatever choice you make.

    There are benchmarks out already for the SB i5s, they have been for months.
  15. Oh i realize that on Andantech they had a review. I just don't think it will be cheap. After all Intel has been the company for money hunger. specially the K series.
  16. However... DAMN I want one if they do stay true to the i5 being 200-250$. It's photoshop performance looks beastly.
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