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Hello. First of al I am not really computer knowlegable so please excuse me if I might sound stupid :)
I have a Gateway GT5228 destop with Win XP and want to install a video card because the nVidia 6150 built in one is kind of suxs. I bought a ATI Radeon HD 4670 1GB DDR3 video card. The instructions basically said stick the video card it and then install the drivers from the CD.
I opened the desktop found the PCI Express slot and stuck it in, started the comp and then installed the drives form the CD. I then unconnected teh monitor from my motherboard and tried connecting it to the VGA socket in the new graphic card. I got a black screen and my monitor has a [no signal found] on it. I tried restarting my computer and still see a black screen. When I pluged my monitor back into the motherboard socket, it works. I went to device manager and tried to find the video card and it s not showing up at all. I have met all the requirements for the video card to the best of my knowledge. It is has a core 2 duo processor with 2gigs ram, and a PCI express x16 slot. I changed the power supply to a 540w from a 300w so has the power supply.
So I am thinking for some reason its not being detected by the computer. I tried taking out the video card and reinserting it to make sure it is in there properly and it is. When I look at the video card from the side I see the fan on the video card spinning so it is getting power. I tried calling ATI and the person said it is a defective video card because when I restart the comp I should at least see the bios or opening screen. I am not sure if this is the reason. I bought it brand new and it came sealed in the originol box. I bought it from Newegg so its a respectable source but I dont understand how a brand new video card would be defeftive. Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.
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  1. Uninstall the nvidia drivers completely and then install the card along with the ati drivers.
  2. I tried unstalling the nVidia driver and it didn't work. The motherboard has a NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Chipset. Do I also have to unstall the nVidia driver to the chipset.
  3. ya it's what you have to do man....uninstall the chipset drivers and then use your card.
  4. tinker with the bios while using the integrated videocard. set your primary graphics adapter to "pcie" (i got a 6100 chipset as well, asus its right inside the southbridge configuration on the bios). then switch off your computer then plug the display cable onto your 4670. then turn your computer again. if it still doesnt work your, the videocard that you have is a dud, rma it.
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