Orange LED's

Where can i find a ORANGE LED fan, that is quieter then 25db?

And or Orange LED strips, flexible or fixed?

i kinda need 1 or 2 fans and a led strip or 2 for a current case mod im still drawing up
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  1. I just Googled it and found a few, what size fan and where are you?
  2. England-Shire and....2 140mm and 2 120mm's i think
  3. hmmm not quite what im looking for. but thank you.
    Im looking, Ideally for this

    But orange led's.
    Now im thinking, Buy some blue/red/green what ever and just replace the LED's....?
    I have 1 blue one atm and its quiet, not huge airflow but its good maybe buy 2 or 3 more of them along with enough orange LED's...and just get my modding skills going
  4. Try it yourself mate. Sounds good.

    Good luck.
  5. cheers il make a new post or something if or when it happens. thanks any way
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