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Hi, my sister just gave me a compaq presario s5140wm. I cleaned it all up, new thermal paste, flashed the bios. and re-instaled all other drivers. I downloaded all updats for xp pro. The computer starts up fine no problems, but the cpu quickly climes to 86c, and the shuts down. I have a 12" house fan colling it off to keep it up and going 76c. cpu is the amd athlone xp 2600+. the voltage is supose to be at 1.65v, cpuz shows that it is at 1.9v. motherboard is the micro-star ms6390, no adjustments in bios for voltage. help please, ..........
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  1. I used cooler master past left over from my 212+ install on another pc. ya I know, I need to get artec silver. forgot to add in first post that the pc was shuting down on my sister also. a lot of dust on top of cooling block, looked like a dead mouse,lol.
  2. I just went to msi web site and looked at the aproved cpu list for the ms6390 motherboard, the athlon xp 2600+ is not on the ok list. can only go to 2200+. Bought an 1800 athlone xp new in box on ebay for $11.99 free s/h. Problem solved.......Thank you very much.......
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