Need help installing a Asus Motherboard

Model Number: M4N68t-m v2
Just installed a new motherboard, in the user guide is tells you to hook the power cable into the F-panel on the board. Once I attached that I noticed the CPU would start up when I puged the power in the back, and the power button on the front doesn't work. I have no LED's on the power button at this point so I know somthing is wrong, I know for a fact the wire that says Power Ln isn't pulged in to the right location but with the one wire in it doesn't leave any open spot. Anyone know where I would place this two prong plug to get the front power button to work?
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  1. According to the manual I downloaded from the ASUS site, page 1-25 says that the power switch connects to PWR and GND.
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    If the front panel headers are of three pin, then you can pick up a scissor and snip the middle to bifurcate it.

    the PWR pin is the positive or +VE marked header and the GND would be the -VE header
  3. You said that the power button doesn't work. Do you mean that you push the power button and it won't turn on?
    If so, you may plug your power switch connector at the wrong place. You have to plug your power switch connector into "PWR BTN" header, according to the manual on page 1-25.

    The power switch and reset switch connectors have two pins like this:

    These switch connectors can be plugged upside down as long as they are at the right place (power switch into "PWR BTN" header and reset switch into "RESET" header).

    The same can't be done to other connectors, though. You have to plug the positive (+) wire into the positive header and the negative (-) wire into the negative header.
    The easy way to find out which wire is positive (+) is that it has color other than white and black because the ground (GND) or negative (-) wire is usually white or black.

    For the power LED connector, if it has two pins (similar to the power switch connector) then you can plug it into "PWR LED" header.
    But if you have the connector like this:

    You have three options:
    1) Buy 3-pin to 2-pin power LED adapter.
    2) Move the positive wire to the middle pin, as demonstrated here.
    3) Eliminate the middle pin using scissors or cutter, as Lutfij suggested above.

    Hope it helps!
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