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hi everyone i have a micro SDHC which doesnt open on my computer it says that it needs to be formatted first everytime i try format it i get a message saying 'windows was unable to complete format' i have tried formatting in all three file system types with no luck i even tried formatting it from the disk management section please help
thanx in advance
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  1. Hello... have you flipped the write protect tab on the SDHC card?
  2. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... have you flipped the write protect tab on the SDHC card?

    i have put it into unlock i just tried using a software called SDformatter but it says the card is write protected i tried with two adapters with lock switch on unlocked and on locked mode but still doesnt work
  3. Hello... have you tried going to Manufacturer of the SDHC website for for information about your product? trouble/help section?
  4. Ky2r6en3e7a said:
    Have you tried to remove the write protection like this:

    1. Plunge the drive or memory card to a computer. (Of course, you should use a card Reader to connect your memory card.)

    2. Click “Start” on the taskbar to open “Run” and type in “regedit”.

    3. Hit “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to expand “System”.

    4. Find “Current Control Set” in “System” list to click “Control”.

    5. Check whether there is a key named “Storage Device Policies” to change the digit in the “DWORD value” box into “0″ and press “OK”.

    But, if you cannot find the key named “Storage Device Policies”, you are supposed to create a one: right click “Control” to create a new key and name it as “Storage Device Policies”=> right click this new key to highlight “DWORD Value” and name it as “write protect”=> Double click this “write protect” box to change the number.

    i created the key and set it to 0 but it still didnt work still says sd card write protected cant post a screen shot but is this ok this is where the key is:

    computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Storage Device Policies

    in storage device policies there are 2 items:

    (default) REG_SZ (value not set)

    Write Protect REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0)
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