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I have decided to purchase a SSD for my desktop rig. I mainly use it for gaming. I know that I am going to get ether the samsung 840 or the 840 pro. I have looked at a lot of benchmarks and know that the 840 pro performs significantly better, but what i don't know is if this carry's over to real world performance.
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  1. If you only decide to get 840 or 840pro, then get the 840pro, in the real usage you may not notice the difference between them, but 840 use the new TLC nand and 840pro use the MLC nand memory.
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    The 840 actually uses a newer nand, anyway the 840 pro is much faster and more expensive. If your going to game on it then I would recommend the 840 pro at least there you will be able to notice the difference in load times.
  3. 840 pro man, its worth the little bit extra... Trust me I just got it, its flawless
  4. I am inclined to say go with the 840 Pro. The 840 Pro is Samsung's current flagship model while the 840 is a less expensive value model.

    This is the first time Samsung came out with two models. In the past it was just the 470 model followed by just the 830 model. Both were incredibly successful.
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