Just wanted to make sure !

Hi people i have collected new hardwares & wanna Buy them just wanted to make usre if they will work for me for Long time just great

CPU: Core i5-760 Quad 2.8GHz
VGA: ATI 5850 HD 1GB
RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHZ DC

i am using 1440 rez
just wanna know can i play all games maxedout on this system with no Laging trouble ? how about incoming games ? how long it will work if i keep my monitor ?
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  1. Get an XFX 650W

    i5-750 would be better, just overclock it a tiny bit.

    1600MHz Cas 7-X-X-XX would be nice ram

    GTX 460 would be better for an intel system.

    Sabertooth p55 would be a great mobo option.
  2. thanks
  3. Ok . another question . i prefer 5850 to GTX 460 because 5850 is much better . But my system is Intel . you mean if i get 5850 on my system , 5850 may not work fine ? image both GTX 460 & 5850 on my system which will work better & faster ( benchmarks ( that showing that 5850 is higher ) A side ) .
  4. will i get all 5850 performance on my system or i may experience performance hit ?
  5. the 5850 on Intel would have no problems, it's just that you have SLI support that you really shouldn't pass over. If you do want the 5850 then there is no need for SLI support, an AMD x4 955 processor would do just fine.

    What is your budget
  6. SO i got that , what about this question : which will perform better & faster on my system ? 5850 or GTX 460 ?
  7. 5850 will but with GTX460 SLI it's a very nice setup. 5850 too, though. It's a hard decision but I would get the 5850's and an AMD Pheom II x4 955

    What is your budget
  8. its enough for single 5850 & gtx 460 . only one of them
  9. Well if you told me a number that would be great.. don't be difficult man.. i just need to know to make you a build.. that's all.
  10. oh sorry man , i even forgot what i was talk about i dont know why i have posted last massage , can u remind me please ? sorry i am realy HARD , u realy have tio forgive me .
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    You build looks fine. I wouldn't touch a thing.
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  13. thanks a lot .
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