Satellite M520 cpu upgrade T5200 core duo

Hello,is upgrading this setup possible ...people seem to done it before just wondering if its possible with my unit cause i want to upgrade CPU
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  1. Its an Satellite A200-AH1 by the way !
  2. Well is the CPU welded to the board Malmental ?

    I've read several forum and saw people telling it was not possible with certain laptop cause of Bios that maybe not compatible but most people did it if the chip set was compatible and as long I can see mine the Intel 950 series is compatible with core 2 duo processor and also same clock speed setup as the T5200 !

    I don't know if someone have personally test compatibility with these specific board ?

    If no go with the T5200 what would be the list of compatible CPU for this board ?

    Thanks for your reply !
  3. Well I guest nothing beats Ebay sometime !!!

    Just shop for a Toshiba A200 motherboard and all of them had a socket M with a removable CPU even the one with the 945GM chip sets that I got ... so i remove the memory cover on the back of the laptop and with a flash light i can see the socket with the CPU on top of it (Kinna really hard to see but ...),389354052&formats=0,0&format=0
  4. Yep took down that M520 celeron and drop a T5200 core 2 duo and laptop boot up nicely no problem ! :D

    Next might be a T7200 ,T7400 or T7600 :o
  5. Toshiba A200 Celeron M 440 replaced with T5300 Core 2 Duo No problems, Booted straight up.
  6. Yes the T5200 didn't stay in there for long as I now have the T7200 ...the T7400 and T7600 where to pricy at that time for me ...

    I don't see much improvement over the the T5200 as I went from 1.6 to 2.0 Core 2 Duo with 2 MB cache to 4 MB cache of the T7200 ...

    I probably hit the bottleneck of the video card as Its not to much of a performer

    I did change the hard drive to a 240GB that is a bit faster as mine Quit some time ago ...
  7. Cool! I also have an elderly but in-good-shape tosh satellite a200 with a slow celeron M520. Just ordered a T5200 and it occurred to me that maybe this would require updating to the latest bios?
    Any thoughts on this, guys?

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