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I was just wondering if anyone has run into the same strange siren sound when booting up Windows XP...It seems to happen right when Windows XP takes over right after the POST. The drive had a clean install of Windows XP and I was never been able to get into Windows.

I have included two links to the YouTube site which should help me describe the two strange issues. Please note that I have tried two different video cards and the same issue seems to occur.

Nevertheless if anyone has any thoughts as to what is actually happening when this siren sounds off I would welcome any ideas and by the way the siren sound keeps on going and stops only when the PC is powered off from the switch on the back of the Power Supply or holding down the Power ON button. Appreciate all replies and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Best Wishes

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    Just a thought, but maybe your CPU is overheating. Can you get into BIOS and check the CPU temp?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Actually I was not able to get into the BIOS at the time when this happened. The siren would sound off as soon as you press the button the PC to power up the computer. However I did find out that most CPU's made by Intel have a shutdown or halt feature when it is discovered that the CPU itself is overheating. But in my case the CPU and motherboard continued to run and stay powered on. In other words it did not shutdown because I believe it was not overheating. I believe in my case that it was a false alarm that was being given at the time of this happening.

    Right now it's not happening so I cannot test out some other things that I would like to check like your suggestion.

    Thanks again

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