2 issues - slow transfer and disconnect

Two issues with my wireless networking (home) thanks tech boffins.


Two centrino B laptops connecting to DSL through DG 834G Netgear router. Security is WPA-PSK. Non broadcasted SSID. MAC blocked.

Centrino 1.3's x 2
Windows XP SP2
Latest intel mini 2100b driver (802.11b)
Netgear DG 834G router (latest firmware 1.5)

Windows firewall enabled
Router firewall enabled

IE default browser

Background resident programs
NAV 2004 Autoprotect
Adaware Pro autoprotect

ISSUE 1 - Slow transfer speeds between computers

When I transfer files from computer to computer, it's not travelling at 11Mbps. I doubt it's even travelling at 5MBps.

It take about 4 minutes to copy a 4MB MP3 from one to another.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but 11Mbps = 8 bits per byte + 1 info bit = 9 bits per byte = 1222kBps. So really, I should be transfering at least at 1MB per second. Even on a crappy system, It shouldn't take me more than 10 secs per megabyte ... right ?

Is this my router, firewalls, background resident scanners or setup ?

ISSUE 2 - Intermittent WiFi dropout

*I have checked that the DSL modem DOES NOT lose DSL connection*

Please note both problems never occur at the same time on different lap tops.

Problem (1) always rights itself given 20-30 seconds. Occurs up to 1-2 times a day - somedays not at all. Computer loses WiFi connection to router. Laptops powered, full transmission power, router only 2-3 metres away, full line of sight, no interference items nearby (microwaves, mobile phones etc.)

Problem (2) is more of an annoyance than anything else.

The router and computers DO NOT lose connection during this problem.

It will then open up the "Dial up Modem dialup" which I then close. I then click <retry> on IE and it will ask me if I want to "connect".

Window opens : "Web page unavailable while offline. The webpage you requested is not available offline. To view this page, click Connect" etc.

I then click connect and it's all good until next time it happens.

Occurs randomly up to 10 times a day.
Interestingly, I wonder if it has anything to do with IE not being able to find a web page.

When I signed up for this forum, the forum mail out sent me the login address of : http://www.comm unity.tomshardware.com/forum/login.m

For some reason, as you can see, only "www.comm" was hyperlinked. When I clicked on this, it took me to the address "www.comm". IE tried to find this for 4-5 seconds, and then diverted to "Modem dial up" and then I would need to choose another web page and click "connect" to get back online. Router/Centrino connection was never lost during this period.

Hopefully easy problems for you clever fellows.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. 1)You are lucky to get MAYBE 600-800kb/s on 802.11b in good conditions. 802.11g can give you around 1-2mb/s in good conditions. Your connection is still a little slow for 802.11b if it is taking 4min for a 4mb file. One of my friends was having major slowness in his wireless and for some reason disabling the windows firewall fixed it, it wasn't quite as slow as yours though.
    Have you tried doing file transfers w/o any security on the accesspoint? I know it isn't good to have that down but it shouldn't hurt just to do a quick test.
    Try doing file transfers with norton disabled, I can definatly see nav 2004 causing a slowdown.
    2) I did some work for a guy who also had a netgear wireless router and it did about the same thing. My old netgear router would disconnect as well and it was only wired connections. I'm not sure what would cause such disconnects but it seemed to just be crappy hardware for me. If you use that thing almost constantly I can see it getting overloaded and resetting. When I put 6 machines on my old netgear router it died, lol.

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  2. Thanks. Well, that helps a lot. Just what is the 11Mbps rating good for then ? And G 54Mbps transmitting slowly ... LOL

    I guess then I'll run a direct LAN cable from laptop to laptop for file transfers then. Certainly it takes the fun out of wireless technology ...

    Sounds like I've got to suck up the intermittent drop out. It occurs randomly and some days not at all. I'll keep my drivers up to date and try stopping the resident programs.
  3. 11 Mb and/or 54 Mb is the signalling rate, not the realworld throughput. The client and AP are communicating at 11 Mb under perfect conditions. The nature of CSMA/CA, which is what 802.11b or g AP's use, incorporates overhead. As an FYI, 100 Mb switched computers won't do 100 Mb data transfer. The overhead isn't nearly as much, you may see as much as 80-90 Mb transfer rates, but you still will not get the maximum available bandwidth from node to node.

    If you want faster data transfers with wireless you'll need to go up to .11g or .11a. The best case scenario there is in the 25-30 Mb range, or 3+MB/s data transfers.

    As far as the "fun" of wireless I'd have to disagree however I was aware of the numbers early on. WLAN's are not really about having high speed LAN's. They are predominately for sharing internet connections and light file sharing. Might want to familiarize yourself with the technology so you have realistic expectations and won't get dissapointed when your experiences don't match what it says on the side of the box.
  4. In my experience, the firewall built in to the wireless router/modem slows the system down considerably and is not need if you are running good anti virus software. With Norton or Mcaffe, I also turn off windows defender. Try disabling the router/modem firewall completely (sometimes called gaming mode, DMZ, etc.) and see what speeds you are getting. I went from 167kps to over 600 with just this one change. And eventually speeds of 1.2 to 1.5M (ATT DSL, 2nd tier) due I believe from provider connection optimization, where it learns over the course of a few days what your modem can handle, and increases the connection speed accordingly. One more thing to consider is the widely varying results from different speed test sites. DSLreports.com/tools/speed test/java, DSL returns a realistic number (1255 to 1598Kbs) compared to some other sites (4-6Mbs) which I have to question since my max connection speed is rated at 3Mbs.
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