HDD 100% Active, low read/write, low response time 0.00

Hello, I'm having an issue with my laptop. Randomly (usually just after start up) all processes will start to hang slightly and get worse as time goes on, eventually grinding to a near halt. The HDD light turns on and stays on, resource monitor shows 100% HDD active time with 0.00 disk queue length and very low Read/Write. I have reformatted the hard drive to see if it helps but it persists. Sometimes I can wait it out and the computer returns to normal, but other times I does not. This has happened while running both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Anyone have any clue?
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  1. how much memory do you have, i have seen on pc's with insufficient memory that the page file will crush the hdd.

    do you have indexing enabled?

    have you noticed any processes pinning the cpu (like an infection)
  2. 6GB of memory. CPU seems to be normal. I'm not quite sure on the indexing.
  3. try booting off a hirem boot cd and run hdtune and some vendor hd test tools to rule out a drive controller issue.
  4. I have the same problem

    Others have this problem too: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140112034621AAkJX9G
  5. What computer do you own?
  6. Thanks for your reply :)

    I have a old PC, built on a ASUS P5QL-EM MB

    Win XP have been acting up lately, with the symptom being a temporary freeze.

    I installed Win7 on a partition of the same drive, and the problem was the same.

    As I suspected a hard drive issue, I installed a new hard drive on that machine, and Win7 on that drive... and the problem still exists!

    Using System Monitor, I notice the Activity stays at 100% for several minutes while nothing happens at all, same problem I have seen in many posts all over the web but never a definitive solution.

    I'm NOT using Windows 8

    I'll check your link right now.

  7. Possibly a driver issue , sometimes the wireless.

    Do you have a wireless card?
  8. No, it's a desktop PC, no wireless whatsoever
  9. On XP, the virtual memory was set to a specific size, so I guess your solution is not the one relevant here...
  10. Change the SATA Port on your motherboard and the problem should now be fix
    Sorry for my bad English
    I tested it on my PC and it worked
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