Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Motheboard, no display - gone through checklist


I am building a new computer. All the parts are new parts. I have attached the CPU and RAM to the motherboard (with onboard graphics). I don't see anything in my monitor. I have followed the no video check list as well.

Here are my components:

I5 760 CPU
2GB DD3-1600 PC3 12800 RAM
Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Motherboard
Onboard graphics

I have gone through this thread ( and have done the 2 things it suggested:
- Update the BIOS (since I can't boot, I extracted the bios update files to a flash drive, and put connected it to the motherboard on startup)
- Clear the CMOS (I removed the battery for a minute and put it back)

This has made no difference - I still have no display.

When I click on the power button, the power LED lights up. The CPU starts spinning. All the CPU load LEDs are turned on for 5 seconds, then they all turn off. The CPU continues spinning. I have my monitor connected to the motherboard - no change through this whole process, blank screen. I tried a different monitor as well, same result.
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  1. Does it pass POST? Like, does it beep any?
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    Oh my. The i5 760 has no integrated graphics. None of the quad-cores do.

    The H55 chipset requires a CPU with graphics capability in order to use the graphics functions.

    You will need a discrete video card.

    Just to be clear:
  3. Just saw your replies today (thanks to email notification).

    :) That was it. I realized that and bought a video card and it worked. Thanks for your reply!
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  5. Hi,

    Saw your post ... I'm having the same problem even with a video card. I'm thinking compatibility issue.

    What board (brand, model) did you use to make it work.


    Ed (ed @
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