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Antec P183 Airflow

I am trying to make final preparations for my new build. It will be a Antec P183, CoolIt Eco-R120, and Thermaltake ISGC fan 12. I own them all currently. I am looking to maximize the airflow in my case while trying to remain pretty quiet.

I was planning on having 2 fans as intake on the front (set to max speed), 2 as exhaust on the back with one more for a push pull configuration on the Eco (push set to max speed), and 1 on the middle HD rack for cooling the video card (set to max speed). I have been readings some different article on positive airflow (not sure if it is possible on a P183) and was wondering what the best configuration would be for the fans. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for you help.
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  1. if you want quiet and cool then the p183 would be best in my opinion. I've got a P180 and its been running for 3+years, no dust buildup which would be an indication of negative pressure in a bad way.
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    Hi kj1060... if you need positive pressure inside the case then do away with the exhaust at the back and use your eco's radiator as an intake there... install a fan in the middle chamber which will take the air from the lower chamber and blow it up... the 2 front intake fans are must and ensure they have dust filters...

    so you have 3 X 120mm fans blowing in air at medium to high rpm and one 120mm fan at the top exhausting at low rpm... the psu will also exhaust but thats only from the lower chamber so its OK...
  3. The P183 doesn't have a lot of fans so, if ya gonna put twin vid cards in there, I'd be hesitant to put one of the faux water cooler type systems in there since case flow is reduced by the radiator resistance. If gaming of hi intensity GFX not involved and single, low output GFX card, I wouldn't worry.
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