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This is my first time reformating my hard drive and my computer response times seem to be much slower. I.E takes forever to load, computer boot time is horrible almost 2 times as slow as before. computer is fully updated. all programs/hard ware is to the latest drivers. removed all uneeded startup. I followed the booklet (dell factory image restore) on how to clean sweep it all but im thinking there was a hidden step?

windows 7 premuim

Wd caviar blue 500gb
Cache: 16MB
Average Seek Time: 8.9ms
Average Write Time: 10.9ms
Average Latency: 4.2ms

internet is 20mbs/5mbs
420gbs free space

Yes i know this isnt a very fast Hd but it performed way better before the reformat. any ideas? btw my computer did say something bout saving windows 7 and labeled it "windows 7 old" which i later deleted. Also would a caviar black 1tb 64mb cache make that much of a difference or should i get ssd/new ones soon to come out.
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  1. Honestly up until about a month ago I had a Hard-drive just like that, I never really had any issues with my PC running really slowly though because of it. I find it strange that after you reformatted you're saying that it made your system slower than before. Just so you know I usually reformat/Re-install windows on my system about once every 3-4 months and basically it has always made my system like it was brand spanking new again every single time. Also in regards to the Windows.Old folder you are talking about it's totally normal for that folder to be there after re-installing windows, and actually its also good you went and ahead and tried deleting that.

    If I was you I'd try re-installing windows again and see if doing a completely fresh install rather than letting it keep the windows.old file on your HD would help the system run better. Because honestly it's sort of sounding as if you're rig is running slow because the registry or something is being bogged down by something.

    In regards to if a 1TB replacement drive as your boot drive I really wouldn't expect that to help your system perform better. The only type of hard drive that would really make a noticeable difference in the way your system is running/performing is if you invested in getting some type of SSD. I'd recommend getting any type of SSD with the Sand-force memory controller and getting a OCZ SSD, because they have a really good prices and performance at the same time. I have been blown away by how much the 120Gb Vertex 2 SSD I recently purchased has improved my overall system performance.

    Just to double check every possibility though you did select NTFS as the format when you reformatted your drive? I know you probably did I just would like to verify that because if you selected the wrong thing when you where doing that, obviously that might have caused some sort of issue. Honestly though I doubt you messed anything up in regards to to that. Honestly though if you did indeed select NTFS as the format then I'd just try doing a completely fresh install of you're OS verses the way you did it recently because when you do a totally fresh install of your OS it won't show that windows.old folder once you're done re-installing windows. Sorry I couldn't offer more help :S
  2. 1) As for NTFS, my computer has no options. just clean sweep entire HD and install
    2) The caviar black has 4x the cache or does that not matter?
    3) Have been looking at that ssd ;)
    4) any idea when the new SSd's are due to hit the market?
  3. jason gran said:
    1) What is NTFS?
    2) The caviar black has 4x the cache or does that not matter?
    3) Have been looking at that ssd ;)
    4) any idea when the new SSd's are due to hit the market?

    NTFS is the New file sorting system, basically it is, to break it down, a filing system... More complex then that, but essentially that. It also manages Security, and allows for better file access speed.
    wait, the Cavier has 64MB, so if that is four times.... you have 16 MB Cache? Cache matters a little, but 32 is usually good enough... 16 is a little small, but managable...
    SSDs are a little.... overpriced, and a good SATA 3 HDD is a better choice, obviously if you don't have SATA-3 you are in the same boat as me... =p(naturally in a week[of purchase date] it is within the price rnage I was at -.-) You can do a good SATA 2 drive, Spintpoint, Cavier, ect... But SSDs have a "faster" feel to windows, I mean you save, like 10 seconds on boot time and 1 second on everything else, to me the dent to my pocket isn't enough for that... An ALTERNATIVE! is for you to use Readyboost, which gives you a flash memory "buffer" which helps speed up write speeds, basically it quickly writes to the USB device, and then to the HDD... This operates on USB 2.0 or higher.... 8 gigs is about were you want to start, this is a part of windows, click Computer, and Right click on the USB device you want to use, and click Properties then ReadyBoost tab.... Next Alternative, a Hybred Drive, same thing as Ready Boost except helps with boot times, and has the Buffer built in.....

    The New SSDs are going to hit sometime mid 2011 ( I mean when competition catches up, and it starts to be a good idea to buy...)

    Hope this helps!
  4. 1) yes i have a 16mb caviar blue.
    2) didn't give me that option when reformatting just looked start>comp>hard disk. it is NTFS
    3) just so happens i have an 8gb mem stick, unfortunatly it has 2.7gbs free, will that help at all? kinda worried bout deleting itunes due to the fact that my itunes has said it can't locate the files once and i had to erase/re-add
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    SSD's arent near as expensive as they where when they first begin getting popular. But still without a doubt I do admit they are quite a bit more expensive than regular HDD's. Although in my personal opinion they are the best dollar for dollar purchase you can make for making you rig run faster. When I bought my SSD it literally made my system feel like it had a new CPU and MOBO and I'm not joking at all./ The load times/boot times of all my programs is so much faster its almost unbelievable. Although like I did admit they are without a doubt notably more expensive than regular hard drives so obviously that's something you always have to consider.

    NTFS is one of several options the drop down tabs offers when you're reformatting your HD under windows built in storage manager. If you could go to your start menu and type in msconfig and then look at whats under your start-up tab and services tab and send me what all it list in a private message I may or may not be able to find something in your start up that shouldn't be there and that could also be the issue. Although since you obviously just re-reinstalled windows I'm assuming that probably isn't the issue. The only thing I can really recommend at this point is to do a completely fresh install of windows.

    By the way sata 3 is still VERY buggy and its in no way faster than SSD sata 2 drives. Even though theoretically it would be much faster because of the increase in speed that sata 3 allows that can't be achieved with Sata 2 due to bottle-necking most Hard-drives that have been bench-marked in with sata 3 don't actually test much different that they do when their using sata 2. So at this point no drives really seem to take advantage of the extra bandwidth that it 6Gpbs allows.
    The funny thing is in a lot of cases sata 3 has actually proven to be slower than sata 2 in SOME benchmarks that I have looked at so far. For instance one of Cosiars Real SSD drives is slower when using sata 3 verses when its using sata 2. Also in 90 percent of benchmarks ALL mechanical drives get KILLED by SSD's even when you compare mechanical based sata 3 drives against SSDs using sata 2. Just wanted to clear that up
  6. Also just so you understand ready-boost really only helps in cases where you have a USB stick thats bigger than the amount of RAM you currently already have. Since you already have a sufficient amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) availability its not really necessary to use a USB stick as extra RAM. All ready-boost does is use the thumb-stick as RAM ...
  7. Ok you win. lol =p
  8. Lol :P
  9. hmm i defraged and checked for errors and it seems to be running noticably quicker. thanks all!
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  11. jason gran said:
    hmm i defraged and checked for errors and it seems to be running noticably quicker. thanks all!

    Glad to hear that it worked out for you man. :P
  12. ah, defrag, we totally missed that =o
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