AM2 CPU into AM2+ Mobo

Hello, My trusty Mobo finally gave up after the original PSU quit. REplaced PSU and I am still having trouble, looks like the clock is jittering all over the place, blurry screen, except at the Login window, then cannot boot right, and will not see the optical drive. So I suspect nhow that when the PSU quit it took some of the Mobo with it. Thinking about a new Mobo as a start and put the 4Gb RAM and AMD 64 Athlon X2 processor in it. Question is, the NMobo I am looking at is a AM2+ socket and the whacked Mobo was an AM2 socket. Will an AM2 compatible CPU fit properly in an AM2+ socket?
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  1. Actually it's not the same socket, but AM2, AM2+, and AM3 CPUs work in AM2+ Mobos.
  2. But not all pins are used the same way and some aren't used at all by the CPU (AM3 as 941 but CPUs have 938 pins).
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