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What is a good range for temperatures for a system? I'm closely monitoring everything for the first few days to ensure I have everything working fine. My CPU temperature is around 35-36 degrees C and my RAM is around 44 degrees.

Is this an acceptable temperature?
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  1. Are these Idle or Load temps? Also what kind of cpu you have.
  2. These are the temps that I have with a web browser open while I'm doing some coding and listening to music. This is temperature while I'm using it how I will generally be using it (I figured that would me the most useful information). My CPU is an AMD Athlon II X2 2.9 GHz (AM3)
  3. that's just fine for any system
  4. Processor AMD Athlon™ II X2
    Model 245
    OPN Tray ADX245OCK23GQ
    Operating Mode 32 Bit Yes
    Operating Mode 64 Bit Yes
    Revision C2
    Core Speed (MHz) 2900
    Max Temps (C) 74
    Wattage 65 W
    Virtualization No
    L1 Cache Size (KB) 128
    L1 Cache Count
    L2 Cache Size (KB) 1000
    L2 Cache Count
    L3 Cache Size (KB)
    CMOS 45nm SOI
    Socket AM3
    AMD Business Class No
    Black Edition No

    max temp is 74c but if you see anything in the upper 50c's i would check your fans.
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