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I have a 120 SSD primary drive with Windows 7. This drive works fine. I installed Guild Wars 2 and it launches without a problem. I downloaded some other games to my secondary 1 TB hard drive and, but they refuse to launch. I can click the icon on my desktop and it brings up the intro screen and character info, but when I click to start the game nothing happens. I thought this was a bad download at first but it is every game I put on this drive. My problem is I am unable to play games off my secondary hard drive. What am I doing wrong? Im not seeing any error messages. Character select screen pops up but it refuses to launch. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
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  1. All the games have to be installed (this writes registry entries for the game). After installation - they should work.
  2. Yes, the games are completely installed on the secondary hard drive. I ran the installation and it told me it was installed without any error messages. I click the desktop icon and the character screen pops up, but when I hit launch game nothing happens. I have to open taskbar to exit the screen to close the game.
  3. I run 4 drives in my main rig - 1 SSD and 3 hard drives (1 for programs I don't want on SSD, 1 for data, 1 for backup). Once installed, there shouldn't be an issue accessing games or other programs from other drives.

    Since they were downloaded - it could be an issue of a corrupted file maybe?
  4. I understand what you are saying and thought that was the problem on the first game, but I have tried 3 different MMOs and the same issue happens. I download all the games without an error message and I can launch the game from the desktop and reach the character screen. When I hit launch however nothing happens. Im thinking somehow my o perating system which is installed on my SSD is not reading my secondary hard drive. Does that make sense? Not sure what else to do.
  5. When you install the games, are they installed to the root of the D:\ drive (assuming that is the drive letter), or did you put them in the \Program Files and/or \Program Files (x86) folder?

    Only reason I ask, it could be that the games default to look for that directory structure, and if it doesn't exist, that could be why they aren't loading.

    I don't know of any programs or games that can't be installed to a secondary hard drive, and if you can access the drive to launch the game to get to the character screen, it should load.

    The other item (I am reaching for straws here) could be your user folder. Is there plenty of room on the SSD? Does the user folder structure also exist on the D:\? It could be trying to write information to a folder or read from a folder that doesn't exist....
  6. The driver is labeled E:\ so I simply put them in E:\" name". I am new to using more than one hard drive so I imagine I am overlooking something obvious here. Thanks for the help.

    There is plenty of room on the SSD. Not certain what a user folder is. Do I need to create a user folder on the E drive? I simply partiitioned the drive and labeled it E before I tried downloading anything to it. I can see the games in the folder under that drive. It appears the drive is working correctly since they all downloaded without errors, but my system is unable to readm them off the drive to launch the actual game.
  7. You should install programs to either
    E:\Program Files (if they are 32-bit) OR
    E:\Program Files (x86) (if they are 64-bit)

    You should look on your SSD (C:\), and there will be a folder called "Users". You want to make sure to create the folders on the E:\
    Where user1/user2 is your log in name(s). The game when installed should create the proper sub-folders - just make sure to install to the correct program directory.

    I moved the "My Documents", "Pictures", "Videos" and "Music" to my secondary hard drive by right clicking on them, go to properties, then locations. Change it from C:\Users\user1\folder to E:\Users\user1\folder (just replaced the "C" with an "E" - don't change the other info).

    The data is automatically moved.
  8. Under shortcut for one of the games it says "C:\Users\Owner\Desktop. This is the folder path.

    Target location is "E:\"game" and it starts in "E\"game". All three games I downloaded to this drive have this format.

    Is the folder path incorrect then? How would I change that? It doesnt seem to give me an option and not sure what to change it to.
  9. Being in a program files folder is irrelevant and so are user folders. Not all games make them and location will not matter. Also you have it backwards, x86 is 32 bit. I doubt this is a path issue if the installer was set correctly. Have you tried right click>run as admin? Check to see if anything is blocking it; antivirus, uac, or windows firewall. Also check the hdd permissions; right click > properties > security.
  10. I moved over the user folders and it didnt seem to work. I tried running as admin and still same issue. I havent installed any antivirus on the system yet since I just got it and started downloading games, so that cant be it. Under properties and security everything seems to be allowed. LOL. I am just so confused. Everything seems to be working fine from the SSD, which is my primary; it is the secondary drive that I downloaded these games to that is giving me the problem. Maybe I'll just bring it to my local computer guy and hope he can figure it out. Im sure it is something obvious Im doing wrong since I am new to using multiple drives on my system.
  11. yes it sounds like a path issue. Windows does not like programs having root access.
    I would definitely follow the e:\programs advice. I myself skip making two folders and install everything into 'programs'.

    edit - don't move the games into the new folder. uninstall them and then reinstall them.
  12. I tried that but nothing seems to have changed.

    I love this site but so glad I didnt try to put this together myself. Putting a computer together really does require extensive knoweldge. I have no idea what is wrong at this point. Ill just bring it back to my computer guy who put it together.
  13. Try running the game as an administrator on first launch

    Also check your event logs to make sure no errors pops out.
  14. I tried running as admin but nothing changes.

    Not sure what to exactly look for in events log. I dont see anything marked as an error, if that is what you mean.
  15. K114 is absolutely correct.

    I have been using multiple HD's and partitions for over 20 years. I have never installed a program into C:\ProgramFiles, D:\ProgramFiles or anything else with "programfiles" in it, I also have never had a file in MyDocuments, pictures in MyPictures or anything in MyAnything....and that covers double digit number of builds very year. If ya installing "Booyah" by GreatGamesInc, installing to E:\GreatGames\Booyah or whatever else suits ya is just fine

    Every build I have done in the SSD era will boot off the SSD or the HardDrive. All games and programs will run booting either off the HD or the SSD. Here's a procedure ya might wanna try in the future.

    There is also no need to create duplicate user folders on any other partitions ..... unless of course the root partition doesn't have one. Many peeps like to move the user files off their SSD's.


    1. With the SSD unplugged and the HD connected to SATA 1 port, install windows to the 1st partition of a size equal to the SSD. Install all drivers and then do all ya windows updates and things, till it stops.

    2. Create whatever other partitions ya like. One very convenient option is:

    D:\ = Small partition for Swap and Temp Files
    E:\ = Games
    F:\ = Programs
    G:\ = Data

    If ya wondering why there's no H:\backup..... I don't trust backing up files on the same physical box. If the box fries, the backup drive can go with it.

    3. Now turn off the PC, unplug the HD and connect the SSD to SATA 0 port. Install drivers and Windows as before.

    4. Turn off again and connect the HD data cable. When windows boots, it will label ya drives. Go into Drive Manager and relabel as per step 2.....the C:\ or boot drive on the HD however, under the SSD boot can be labeled as say X:\ so it lists itself after the other letters and you drive letters will be identical under either boot. Obviously the X:\ partition on the HD will only show as X:\ under the SSD boot.

    5. Under the SSD boot, tell windows to put the swap and temp files on D:\ ... these two major schools of thought on this.... leaving them on the SSD is faster but the heavy writing / erasing also wears out the SSD so pick which ever suits you best.

    6. Under the SSD boot, install the games to games, programs to programs and data to data drives.

    7. OPTION: Now ya can reboot the machine, go into BIOS and tell the machine to boot from the HD. This time around ya can label the SSD partition as X:\ Some games and programs will still run but ya will have to create new shortcuts for them. If that sounds like work, you can simply install them over themselves and now they will work on both boots retaining all customizations from the 1st install.

    The alternate route is just to leave it alone until the day when / if ya SSD goes south or you fudge up your OS install. THEN, while you wait for a replacement to arrive, you install everything over itself and you can use your PC with full access to all games, programs and data while ya wait for replacement to arrive.

    OK so why did I go thru all that for your problem ? Well if ya had done that, you could easily troubleshoot your problem. You have numerous options:

    a. Boot to and install to the SSD and run it there ....
    b. Boot to SSD and install on games partition on HD and run it there ....
    c. Boot to HD and install to HD on C:\ and run it there ......
    d. Boot to HD and install to HD on games partition and run it there ......

    What works and what doesn't work should help narrow down ya problem.

    But that was basically "if ya had set up ya machine that way". Before considering that as an option, other things Id try or check first include .....

    a. Turn off firewall when launching game, load firewall after game connects. This has worked for me dozens of times.
    b. Scan the download, then manually scan the boot drive and installation drive with AV / Malware scanner. Then turn off AV and malware and launch game. If it launches, restart malware / AV and try again.
    c. How much room on ya SSD and where is the page file / temp files ? Could loading files off E:\ and placing them in temp directories / pagefile on C:\ (SSD) be leaving insufficient room ?
    d. Are there any messages in Event Viewer or firewall logs ?
    e. Check properties / permissions of all installation folders....make sure nothing is restricted in any way.
  16. Wow, you totally lost me there. This is way behind my ability. There is no way I am opening my computer and unplugging compenents or fooling around with the BIOS.

    I know I need to bring this back to the store at this point.

    Thanks for trying to help.
  17. So anyone still interested here is what happened. And I have to say thank you for all who spent time trying to help me. I love this site!

    I downloaded two games to my secondary hard drive, which I labeled E. Neither game would launch from this hard drive. Both got hung up on the launch screen. I figured it was some type of pathiing issue since it happened with both games. Well it appears it wasnt exactly.

    The first game was LOTRO. I found an old post by someone who was having same problem. They solved it by going into the User Preference folder and moving it from Library>Documents to Desktop. I have no idea why this would work but decided to try it. I get in the game instantly. Problem is, game only allows me to play in windowed mode on 1920 resolution. I have a gtx670 and high res monitor, which is more than capable. But I guess that is another forum post here. The game now plays fine except I cant play in full screen mode. Okay, issue solved here , or at least the getting in the game part.

    Second game was TSW. Since I have a fully capable DX11 GTX670 card I figured I would be playing the game in DX11. Because nothing else seemed to be working, I checked DX9 and the game started immediately! This is, of course, after a few hours back and forth with customer support asking me to check ports, anti-virus, etc... So apparently despite having a fully capable gtx 670, i5-3570K processor, Im unable to play The Secret World in DX11. Regardless, I am able to get in this game now even though I am playing on DX9.

    Im sure most dont care , lol, but thought this might amuse some people.

    Thanks again.
  18. That you for the update flizzer...this one had me puzzled....LOL. Computers should simplify our lives...not complicate them :-)
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