Internet disconnects frequently when using two computer simultaneously

I am using Aztech DSL 1000ER broadband modem (no wireless function). One Windows XP SP3 PC (Desktop) and one Apple laptop is connected to to the modem by ethernet cables.

When only the Win XP PC is connected to the internet, the internet connection is stable and working fine.
When both the Win XP PC and Apple laptop are connected to the internet at the same time, both will experience frequent disconnection. The disconnection last about 5 seconds each time and it will automatically be connected again after 5 seconds. This happens about 6 to 8 times every hour.

I brought my modem (previous same one also having this problem) to the service center and they exchange a new one for me. The modem that I am using now is a brand new modem. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. What version of OSX is the Apple running? In fact what model is it?
  2. I am not sure what version. I am not using the Apple laptop. My brother is using that Apple laptop, it was bought around 2009. I plugged one end of an ethernet cable into the modem and gave him the cable, I did not use the apple laptop at all. My brother only plugged the cable into the laptop and it will automatically detect and connect to the internet. He did not do any other configurations.
  3. Hmm, it could be that the Apple has some incompabilities with your router. I would suggest calling Apples tech support as there is a limit I can do from this end, and I am not familar enough with OS X to do a walkthrough.
  4. I heard of things like static IP and dynamic IP, does anyone think it is related to IP problems?
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  6. smalltech said:
    I heard of things like static IP and dynamic IP, does anyone think it is related to IP problems?

    Those have to do with your public IP, not a concern for you in this case. Make sure however, that the Apple laptop is pulling an IP address from your router.
  7. How to check if my Apple laptop is pulling an IP address from my router? (sidenote: my modem and router is combined together. it has 4 ethernet ports behind the modem)
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