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Hey everyone, I am looking to build a new gaming/kick butt PC. I need a OS among all of the other components. I would prefer Nvidia gpu and a mobo that allows me to upgrade well into the future. also I want a power source that will handle the load with room to go sli when the time comes also would be nice if it had braded cables to look tidy and work well. I want the NZXT Digital Artic-Camo (Water Transfer Printing) TEMPEST EVO as a case. This is for my first build with my father thank you for all of the help. :hello:
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    I feel your choice of casing would severely effect the performance for the $$ factor: $130 for a fancy Tempest i would really take a Full Tower or pump into better performance/cooling if i was u
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  3. Yep glad to share insights and happy shopping/building
  4. Ok, what do you recommend. I really like the look of that case, but I am no expert so what do you recommend?
  5. Actually sticking with NZXT i would look at M59, Beta EVO and Gamma - all of which have decent cooling options and have no issues fitting at least one 11" GPU for a very wallet friendly price ^^ One could then spring for a GTX 460
  6. Do you recommend a build?
  7. Cheaper if u dun need the bells/whistles (SATA/USB 3.0)

  8. ok, it will run fast? and be upgradeable?
  9. Sure - dun think you Dad would be the type that insist on playing only 8AA/16AF every game ya hehe
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