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Hey All,
I'm looking into a new build and I'm trying to pick out a hard drive that will load games pretty fast. I know SSD would be the fastest but I'm looking for a HDD under $100. So most Raptor Drives would be out of my budget. This is one I've found,

WD Black 500 GB WD5003AZEX, 7200 RPM, SATA III, 64 MB Cache

Does anyone know of any drives that would be a half step down from a WD Black drive? Maybe a Seagate equivalent? Any feed back will help, thanks.
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  1. you could try a WD Blue.
    Most 3.5" 7200rpm drives give simular performance for the same sized/density platter btw.
  2. Thanks for the feed back I'll look up the specs. Blue WD are much cheaper.
  3. Dont bother with raptors and all these "performance" mechanical drives all the same area of performance.

    Go large with your favourite prefered brand (i like WD personally) and get an SSD later, hell get a WD Green series drive theres no difference just the price and less space.
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    Black drives have 5 year warranties. I think that alone is worth the extra bucks. Your choice.
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