Right Angle SATA Male-Female For HP5740 TC

I am trying to install a SSD in a HP 5740 Thin Client. The SATA connector on the board is female and the drive should plug in but then the case would not close.. I am looking for a right or possibly left angle male to female SADA cable 10-12 inches long.
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  1. get yourself sata power and data extension cables.
    I'm not sure if your SSD will work since its not HP's. Have you tried using it with the cover off?

  2. Thanks, I now have the M-F cable and will try to load Linux on it this weekend.
    Bummer if HP makes it propriety...
  3. WOW! The Samsung 64GB SSD is working great! Running Linux-CentOS.
    I found a Thin Client expansion chassis with a small fan and only had to cut the metal lid to allow passing the straight SATA Data/Power connector through it.
    An 8" M-F SATA cable was perfect length.

    Thanks for the hints. Hope this info helps others attempting the same task.

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